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  • X-Box 1 guys.

    I just wanted to let ya'll know that I haven't forgotten about you guys. I've been on my PS4 for a while now, but that's because of two reasons. : 1. My Gold account ran out, and 2. My XBone is maxxed out. I mean really maxed out. My Xbox is 99.8% full. I can't play most of my games because they need updates, and I don't have room for the updates, which means they won't let me get online to play them, even if I wanted to.

    So to remedy this situation, I put the two TB hard drive in layaway, and it's almost paid off. What I wanted to ask you guys is this: what games are ya'll playing on it ?.
    Should I update my XBox Destiny, Halo, EASWBF, or perhaps something else ?. Or buy something else ?.


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    To be honest, I haven't logged on lately, But if I were to narrow it down:

    - Overwatch
    - Battlefield 1
    - Rainbow Six Siege

    I probably wouldn't bother with Destiny since it's pretty dead on the Xbone side. Mostly everyone who used to play no longer plays it.

    The best thing about Battlefield 1 is that it doesn't have a season pass(For once).
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      I'll still play Destiny if anyone gets on but as Mui said, it is pretty quiet. I would echo the games he has listed but add Titanfall 2 to that list. That game is so much fun and more people need to get it! Overall, Titanfall 2 and Overwatch are what I have been playing but I do plan on getting Battlefield 1 at some point (more than likely Christmas time).


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        Well, I finally got my new hard drive home, and it's fantastic !. Now all I have to do is scrape up enough cash to get a new gold sub. I took a really hard look at the games out now, but nothing seems to grab me sadly. I have Destiny and EASWBF, but Destiny is dead to the X Box group, and I do have Battlefield 1 on my PS4, but to be honest, I'm just not that impressed with it. Which I hate, because I really wanted to like this game. I really did. I love flight sims, but to me, the planes fly like shit. I wish the controls were tighter, like the Red Baron PC game. And waaaaaaay too many automatic weapons.

        I just don't know if it justifies buying it twice. I did that with EASWBF, and damn if I didn't get burned on that one. There's $160.00 I wish I could get back again. All we wanted was SWBF3, but the Star Cards crap, having to unlock weapons, no vehicle spawns, new content locked behind a season pass.... I could just cry. What I loved about the first two was having specific classes with the same loadouts, so it all boiled down to skill, and some luck. Which is for me personally, a damned shame, because it's just so....... "pretty". Damned if it ain't pretty. I did play the Death Star maps on the holidays for their free trial.

        I've heard from friends that the new Gears game is the witch's tits, so I was kinda suprised no one here is playing it. I've seen good things about Titanfall 2, but I didn't play one the first one, so I really don't know much about it, except the first one died fast. So I'm wary about that one.

        I don't know one thing about Overwatch, so I guess I need to get off my ass and check out some reviews about it.



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          Gears 4 is awesome and I do have it. It just seems that not a lot of others do at this point but I am always up for a round of Horde mode. Titanfall 1 died off quickly because of the overall lack of content which 2 fixed so hopefully it won't die off as fast. Overwatch was game of the year so I am sure you will find plenty of positive things in your research.


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            Hey guys I recently got and Xbox One, and my Friends List is quite bare......Add me .......RageProphetXLLL

            Unfortunately there's no way i can get my original SN but this will do for now.



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