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  • What Games?

    I was wondering what games everyone is playing now days on both consoles, and what games everyone is looking forward to getting.

    I know its been some time since everyone has been around on the site and real life has nipped us in the butt, however I'm hoping we can at least get a casual night going on something and potentially pull in new recruits to get the fire burning again. Lately, I've been heavy in Injustice 2, Forza 7, BFII, and PUBG on the Xbone. I'm really loving PUBG and with it having the nature of tournaments I think it would be cool if some of us got into it.

    Anyone else want to chime in? Just curious as to what the genre is for everyone now days. I will be looking into getting a PS4 eventually along with Monster Hunter World.
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    For Xbox
    SWBF2, PUBG, Fortnite and NHL18

    7DaysToDie, Space Engineers, EVE, Whatever early access game that catches my eye. Recently that's been Foxhole.

    Oh and Rocket League on both PC and Xbox.
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    Xbox: Madden 18, SWBF2, Destiny 2

    Only future game I plan on getting is Red Dead Redemption 2


    • RaTix
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      "Only future game I plan on getting is Red Dead Redemption 2"

      Yes, that!

    • Andy
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      Am I still banned from driving wagons?
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    I will have to pick up red dead. Iím gonna start getting into PC gaming if you guys have any recommendations.
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      PS4: Fortnite, Destiny 2, Battlefront 2

      Games I'm looking forward to this year are Dragonball Fighterz, Red Dead Redemption 2, and hopefully Death Stranding comes out before 2019.
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        Not much lately.

        PS4: ESO: Morrowind (This game is soooo f'n amazing.)

        XBox: Fallout 4, EA SWBF2



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