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Ethernet adapter not functioning

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  • Ethernet adapter not functioning

    Not too long ago after awakening my PC out of hibernate,Windows updated for me and once I made it to my desktop, I found that my Ethernet adapter apparently can't find a connection. I changed wires, nothing, I restarted the computer, but nothing either. I think it may be a virus that has disabled my Ethernet port or did something. Last year I caught a virus that screwed with my mouseport disabling it resulting in my having to restart windows fresh(Something I don't want to keep on doing each time).

    Currently I am able to use the internet from my wireless dongle on this PC so i've concluded that a virus has disabled my ethernet port somehow.

    It was my fault for thinking I could download Battlefield 2 on the PC from Piratebay, I'll just put money into buying the damn thing, lol.

    I downloaded some of the programs suggested for virus removal instructions(Assuming I have a virus, Which I strongly believe there is one) so I hope I am able to resolve this issue, But if anyone can chime in some extra advice, I'd greatly appreciate that. So.....after I remove this assumed virus, will it fix the issue with my ethernet adapter? Do I have to reinstall the drivers for the network adapter afterwards?

    Manufacturer: Realtek
    Description: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
    Driver version: 9.1.406.2015
    Physical address (MAC): C8-60-00-DA-D4-06

    As a side note, I did delete the software for the driver once I saw what was happening, But once I reinstalled it, It still wasn't working.

    Thanks for the help in advance, now to get dinner, lol.
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    Either you hosed the drivers, the cable is shot, or your NIC completely blew out.

    Start with the simplest first...
    If you have a spare network cable, try to replace that.

    If that fails, check the drivers. Right click Start/Win/Orb/Whatever and go to Device Manager (Or System and then Device manager on left, depending on windows version).
    In Device Manager look for any yellow "!" on anything. If under network adapters, that might be your problem. Highlight and delete it. You can then restart the system and it should reinstall whatever "good" drivers it finds locally for it automatically.

    If not, you should then try to install fresh drivers from the vendor. You might need another PC and flash drive to download the proper drivers on a working PC, then transfer to the working one. On most PC manufacturers sites, you can go to Support-> Drivers/Software or similar, enter your model or serial # (sticker on PC) to lookup the drivers specific for your system. Look in the available "drivers" list for anything labeled as Network Adapter, NIC, Ethernet, etc.. and try to install them. Windows will let you know if the driver is not meant for that device, so there is no harm in just trying to install to see if its the right driver.

    If you exhaust those options, then it might be a bad/blown NIC card itself. The card, or more likely is the port itself could have shorted and why it shows as cable not connected. It sucks but it does happen. Usually from power surges or brownout/blackouts and such. That's when you start thinking about getting a UPS battery backup that can regulate those things better.

    I wouldn't suspect a virus unless you don't have any AV installed, or have other tell tale signs of one like random webpage redirects or other web errors, strange pop ups, or something asking you for bitcoins while all your files are missing, lol.
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