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» DSA Minecraft Server
DarkSideAlliance's Star Wars Minecraft Server

[PvP,PvE][20 Slots][Open][Towny/Worldguard/Multiverse/MCMMO/iConomy/Hyperconomy][No EE]
Tekkit 3.1.2 Server

Server Address: DSA.ServeGame.com

The DSA Star Wars Server is an attempt to bring a Star Wars themed MMORPG style game to the minecraft world. We have 6 Planets (Worlds) setup, each with their own unique terrain and resources.

Players start out in the Galactic City on Coruscant. After a brief tutorial showing the functions offered within the server you are warped to the Library in the Imperial Palace. Eventually this will be filled with books that have all the help files for the plugins/mods, server rules, guides, etc..
The city itself offers rooms for rent to players, Dex's Diner to buy food, Sapphire bar, Arenas(Spleef, Mob, PVP), shops, the GME (Galactic Market Exchange), factories for rent, the spaceport to travel to other worlds, Coruscant Railways train station to travel to the 4 corners of the map and in between, and more. Players can rent rooms and travel to the mining world of Alderaan, the free mining, non-towny, non protection planet. This planet will get blown up, reset, and reseeded every once in a while.
"But you said you use towny, are rentals the only thing I can get?" Not at all. Players may also choose to join a player city and help build a metropolis on any of the worlds (except Alderaan). Or once you save up enough money, you can purchase a town land deed from the City Assessor's office and start your own town.

The options are limitless to how you decide to play.
  • Become a great Mayor and run a wondrous metropolis
  • Make your fortunes in the Arenas crushing the next wanna be champions.
  • Specialize in trading and moving those rare resources from outer planets to the market
  • Manufacture great machines from the market resources or refine them to make greater goods.
  • Become a world renowned vender, selling your goods across the galaxy.

As the server progresses, NPC quests and other things will be added. Our goal is to create a player driven economy and MMO type style server. This is why the Market starts empty and is only stocked from what players sell to it. If an exploit or flaw in the design in discovered, things may need to be changed or altered to correct it.

About DSA
Dark Side Alliance is a multi-platform online gaming Clan/Community. We pride ourselves on our Dedication, Organization, Tactics, Teamwork and Sportsmanship. Besides the Minecraft server, DSA has gaming divisions for the PS3 and Xbox 360, with Battalions in various games, including BF3, CoD, GoW, Socom, Warhark and more. The DSA enlists only those who are able to work in a mature team environment.


The server has been under development for almost a year. Most of that was waiting for mod and plugins to update with features needed to make a lot of this work. This is the first initial advertising of the server and opening to the public. We hope to build a friendly and fun Star Wars experience for everyone that joins.
The Admins are those part of the DarkSideAlliance.com gaming community/clan, a friendly, team oriented, group of gamers that game together regularly on the PS3 and Xbox.

Texture Pack

To get the full Star Wars Experience, we HIGHLY recommend using the MineWars texture pack from Yokoolio, who did a fantastic job on this pack. All images posted here that you see are taken with this pack, and the server was designed around it. Other packs will work, but we feel you will be missing the true Star Wars feel without it.
Some issues have been noticed with the 1.2.5 version of Minewars and Tekkit. Mainly when loading into the game with the pack already set, you will get a MISSINGTEXTURE message overlay-ed on the screen in dark areas. Switching to another pack and back to the Minewars pack fixes this problem.
The problem has been isolated to the Moon and Sun images being 64bit, when it is a 16bit pack. We have developed a modified Minewars pack for our server which uses 16bit replacements. It also changes the mobs to reflect a more imperial based world.
- Skeletons are Rebels
- Zombies are Wookies
- Zombie Pigmen are Jedi

Regardless of these changes, Full credit and respect goes to Yokoolio for developing the textures and everything in this pack.
If you learn more towards the Rebel Scum, and to download Yokoolio's original Texture Pack, go to

For a more Imperial Friendly version, or if you experience any issues with the original texture pack, you can download our modified pack from HERE

*PVP is ALWAYS disabled within Server Cities.

Difficulty: Normal
Terrain Type: Mixed (No Oceans/Desert)
Resources: Low-Average Mix
PVP: On*
Main spawn world and home of the Galactic City (Server City), here you will find anything and everything.
- Imperial Palace with PVP Arenas including CTF, FFA(DM), and KoTH, also featuring a Mob Arena, Tutorial/Archives room, and Important NPCs.
- Galactic Market Exchange to buy and sell your raw goods on a dynamic pricing market
- The GC Arena where you can compete in either Free For All or Team base Spleef games (long and short term locker rentals available)
- Cheap and Luxury Apartments for rent (fully furnished and move in ready)
- GC Mall for player shops (Small and large shop rentals available)
- High and Low end Factory/Workshops conveniently located near the GME
- Dex's diner for a quick bite to eat
- Sapphire Bar for some drinks and potions
- Spaceport for inter planetary travel
- Galactic City Railway. Main station and hub for automated railways that travel N,S,E,W from the city to the outer edges of the world.


Difficulty: Hard
Terrain: Desert
Resources: High in Gold, No Diamonds/Redstone
PVP: On*
Tatooine acts as a central Hub to the outer rim worlds of Mustafar and Hoth. It is also home to Mos Eisley, a small but busy city.
- Spaceport for travel (also houses Spacebar and Spacediner for food and drinks)
- Housing for rent (non-furbished)
- Cheap Apartments (non-furbished)
- Chalmun's Cantina
- Player shop Market area (rentals)


Difficulty: Hard
Terrain: Lava/Rock
Resources: High in Redstone/??, No Diamonds/Gold
PVP: On*
Mustafar is a small planet made up of lava and rock. There is very little here except the outpost, abundance of redstone and maybe some other materials.
- Outpost with Bunks, Storage, and Work Stations for Rent
- High Risk High Reward Spleef Arena


Difficulty: Hard
Terrain: Snow/Ice
Resources: High in Diamonds, No Gold/Redstone
PVP: On*
A cold, icy, and desolate planet. If not for the Diamonds buried under all that ice, very few would probably travel here.
- Echo Base
- Large Transport Ship that offers non-furnished rooms for rent


Difficulty: Hard
Terrain: Swamp
Resources: Rubber Trees
PVP: On*
Dagobah is a swampy wasteland that is abundant in rubber trees. There is no major spaceport here, the only way to reach it is the same way Luke did.
- Yoda's Hut


Difficulty: Hard
Terrain Type: Mixed and Changes
Resources: Average Mix
Alderaan is the free mining world of the server. There are no towny/region protections (except for shuttle port). This world can be freely traveled to and mined by the players. Players are encouraged to NOT build any permanent structures here, as this world WILL get blown up from time to time and restarted.


  • No Griefing
  • Be Respectful
  • Exploiting Bugs/Glitches will result in banning
  • Attempts to break Towny/Region protections will result in Banning
  • Do NOT ask for Items
  • Do NOT ask for OP
  • Do NOT ask for Rank/Permissions
  • Do not spam the chat
  • Use proper Caps in chat
  • No Ridiculous structures. (1x1 towers)
  • No abusing Towny unclaiming to reseed plots. If you unclaim you have to wait for whole plot to regen or risk losing your town, your plots, or being banned. Logs are checked regularly for this abuse.
  • Admins reserve the right to change game settings and features at any time without notice.

To help encourage players to not use exploits, we are offering diamond rewards to those that report bugs/exploits in the Server Thread that we may have overlooked. Report them on the http://www.DarkSideAlliance.com website, in the minecraft forums.
  • They must be unknown bugs/exploits
  • Only the first person to report will get reward
  • Do NOT contact Admins/Mods in game with a list of every exploit you know.

Disabled Tekkit Mods
  • Equivalent Exchange
    * May re-enable certain aspects of mod later on, such as armor. But for now, it's disabled due to numerous dup bugs.
  • Force Fields

Mod Modifications
  • Nuclear Reactor blast power = 6 (originally 50.) * This is so people can have reactors without completely destroying the worlds. Must be built in center of 3x3 Town, at any depth.

Banned Items
  • World Anchors (minecart anchor, dimensional anchor, teleport tether, etc..)
  • Mass Fabricator (*available in some city rental areas, So iridium plates are possible. Must supply your own power via energy crystals)
  • Terraformer
  • Tunnel Bore
  • Turtles
  • Nuke
  • Industrial TNT
  • Dynamite
  • Sticky Dynamite
  • Water Strainer

Partially Restricted Items

*Some items bypass protections and have been disabled in certain areas. Mainly the Server City areas.
In Main Server Cities Only
  • IC2 Miner
  • Nuclear Reactor


These are considered Contraband Weapons. They are available and craftable, but will be removed in Server City areas. Townies beware
  • Spears
  • Daggers
  • Muskets
  • Blunderbuss
  • Cannon
  • Crossbow
  • Blowgun

Plugins Installed
  • AutoMessage
  • Bedhealth
  • BookWorm
  • CasinoSlots
  • ChestShop
  • Citizens
  • Dynmap
  • Essentials
  • FirstSpawn
  • HyperConomy
  • iConomy
  • Lift
  • LogBlock
  • MagicArrows
  • MagicSpells
  • MagicSpellsShop
  • McMMO
  • MoArrows
  • MobArena
  • Multiverse
  • NoLagg
  • PVP Arena
  • PermissionsEx
  • RSP (Region Specific Permissions)
  • ServerSigns
  • SimplePlayerList
  • SimpleRegionMarket
  • SimpleSpleef
  • SmithChest
  • TerrainControl
  • Towny
  • TreeAssist
  • V10lift
  • Vault
  • WorldBorder
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard

Admin Team
  • DSA_RaTix
  • Cottoinc


Random Pics and Eye Candy


Imperial Palace at Night


Galactic Market Exchange - Senate Building


Galactic Market Exchange - Inside


Galactic City Train Station


Galactic City Space Port


Galactic City Spleef Arena


Galactic City Spleef Arena - Team Arena


Galactic City Spleef Arena - Free For All Arena


Imperial Palace Arena


Imperial Palace Arena - Free For All


Imperial Palace Arena - King of the Hill


Imperial Palace Arena - Mob Arena


Imperial Palace Arena - Capture the Flag


Tatooine - Chalmun's Cantina

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