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Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct


This is the Code of Conduct for the DSA. Please read it over. Other rules may be added if needed.


Welcome to the Dark Side Alliance! The DSA serves as both a gaming clan and community with divisions across multiple gaming platforms. Participation in DSA is intended to enhance the gaming experience for its members. Since the motivation for joining the clan differs from member to member, DSA ranks encompass a broad range of interests, ages, and backgrounds. As a result, in order to maintain efficiency and effectiveness as a clan while maintaining harmony as a community, DSA members must fully comply with the Code of Conduct. The Code is not intended to be a list of rules; it embodies the spirit of how DSA expects its members to carry themselves as members of DSA. We want DSA members to show the class, sportsmanship, and the discipline befitting this great clan. Conduct deviating from the Code in considered unacceptable and can result in disciplinary actions by the Emperor and/or the DSA Council.


1. Guiding Principles

1.1 Obey the Emperor and his Council.
The Emperor is the undisputed leader of this clan. All orders from the Emperor are final. The Emperor manages the clan with the help of the Darth, the Imperial Advisers and the DSA Council. Any orders from the Emperor or Council, both in game or in forums, are expected to be executed to the best of all members' abilities. Our leaders are always looking out for the best interests of the clan and are open to suggestions when appropriate. However when decisions are made, the clan must abide.

1.2. Respect the Chain of Command.
The Chain of Command should be observed in all DSA practices and on the website and forums. DSA prides itself on constantly improving its teamwork and high level of organization. The Chain is critical to DSA's success in these areas and is taken very seriously. All members should familiarize themselves with the Ranks and where they fit within the chain of command. While in game, higher ranks are expected to lead (unless they defer the responsibility to somebody else), and others are expected to follow.

The Overall ranks of the DSA are as follows from highest to lowest rank:
- Emperor
- Darth
- Imperial Advisors
- Command Staff
- Officers
- Stormtroopers
- Cadets
- Honorary DSA (Friends of the DSA, Ex-DSA members, etc..)

1.3. Respect and maturity at all times.
DSA members should always exhibit only the highest level of integrity and class. Respect for fellow clan members is an absolute requirement. Despite being a large clan, DSA considers itself a family. In addition, respect for other players, site users and other clans is also expected. Once you wear the DSA tag, all of your actions will be perceived as a reflection of this clan. As a result, there is to be no flaming on public forums and only courtesy when playing with non-clan members. Maturity is a highly valued trait of DSA. Ideals of sportsmanship are expected to be maintained at all times. No teabagging, cheating, or smack talking is expected from DSA members, regardless of the circumstances. While much of the rest of the online gaming world may enjoy such puerile activities, they are beneath the officers of DSA. If a verbal response is needed to communicate with other players, ONLY the highest ranking officer may engage. Complaints of lag, cheating, etc. should NOT to be made verbally in public.

1.3.1. Muting, ignoring, removing from friends lists, or other similar actions on other DSA members is strictly prohibited. This shows a complete lack of respect for your brethren.

1.3.2. Since the DSA is always looking for Mature players, we are less likely to accept those under the age of 17. However that does not mean we will not accept those that are not of age. Those not of age will have to prove themselves above and beyond the others that they are right for the DSA.

1.3.3. Be honest with us and yourself. If you know you are not able to handle the level of maturity or teamwork, please do not try to fake it. Eventually everyone's true colors come to light and you will only be delaying the inevitable. Not everyone is going to be right for the DSA, and the DSA might not be right for everyone.

1.4. Playing the game the right way.
The DSA does not condone glitching, cheating, or team killing of any kind, all of which sully the game. Any members caught doing so, will result in immediate expulsion from the clan.

1.5. Loyalty to the clan.
With a collective focus on improving DSA as a clan and all the individual members, DSA requires loyalty from its members. DSA seeks a unified effort with its members' undivided attention for all things involving online gaming. While members are welcome to play on other clan servers and in public rooms, non-clan activities should never interfere with scheduled clan events or practices.


2. Communication

2.1. With the leadership.
DSA leadership is always open to suggestions for enhancing the clan. However, members should be mindful of utilizing appropriate channels (PMs, IMs, forum threads) for such matters and not doing so in game.

2.2. Within the broader online gaming community.
Online there are people who seek to goad DSA clan members into flame wars, and/or arguments. We expect all DSA members not to stoop down to their immature levels and simply ignore such behavior. If an issue involving the DSA as a whole arises, refer the issue to the Council or the Emperor and inform the clan via the forums.

2.3. Within game.
Needless mic chatter is highly discouraged during any organized practice other than orders and game-relevant communication. In addition, mics should be muted when not in use to reduce unnecessary noise, chatter, breathing sounds, and most importantly, lag. This is all for the sake of improving our coordination. However, during non-practice nights or loose practices (less structure), strict enforcement of mic rules is not expected and members should feel free to enjoy themselves as they see fit so long as the rest of the Code is observed.

2.3.1. As communication is key to any teamwork aspect, all members are required to have a headset for the system of the division they are in. Even in off practice nights, DSA are expected to have their headsets on and be on comms.


3. Attendance / Lateness / Activity

3.1. Membership in the DSA is not given lightly, nor do we hold lightly those that are not active. As a DSA member you will be expected to maintain attendance in the battalions you are in. The Leadership works hard to setup practices and events and plan so with the expectations of those on the roster to attend and be on time. If your attendance drops or lateness gets to the point where the leadership finds it a problem, disciplinary action maybe taken including demotion, being removed from a squad, or the DSA itself.

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