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DSA Ranks


DSA Ranks



We have assigned Ranks and Roles to members of our Clan to better grasp the notion of teamwork. The military ladder (taken from the actual Empire) is a bit of roleplay, as well as a classic manner of sharing responsibilities and leadership. Ranks are assigned by many factors: Availability, Leadership, Qualifications, and so forth. No one is being disrespected by given or not given a rank; it is a necessary evil to make our clan function. Ranks will change often, so be aware that your actions may dictate necessary movement up or down. You will follow the chain of command, to put it simply. Anyone listed above you is considered your superior rank and will be followed. Responsibilities will be given to each rank, and must be carried out. The lower you are on the ladder, the less responsibility you share, so be sure to respect those above you who help make this Clan run.

In practice or games, on the battlefront only the top ranking official will give orders. The chain of command in that scenario will be a dictatorship, following only the top superior. If you are a lower rank than anyone on your team, you will not give orders; only follow, unless directed by your superior.

If you have any questions or problems about the ranks, contact a DSA Officer, Command Staff, or Imperial Advisor. We require that our members follow this chain and show respect.

Imperial Ranks


The Galaxy is a vast region and the Emperor of the DSA can't be everywhere at once. When the Emperor is in a specific Squad, the chain of command is shifted up unless deferred to a lower rank.


As with the Emperor, his Darth apprentice cannot be everywhere. When he is active in a Squad, command is shifted up unless deferred to a lower rank. The Darth will work with the Advisors and Command Staff to mentor them and help them out with problems they might have.

Imperial Advisor

The Imperial Advisor serves as the mentors to the clan. They also advise the Emperor and Darth in matters. They serve the clan through their selfless work and are awarded with this rank. If you have any questions about DSA as a whole, these are the people to seek advice from.

Command Staff

The Command Staff oversee and lead the DSA Officers, as well as those under the Officers' command. They mentor and instruct officers in setting up and leading squads, and can lead squads themselves. They also can promote and demote all those below them. Each platform will usually only have 1-2 Command Staff members that help oversee that platform.

Imperial Officer

DSA Officers oversee and lead the Cadets and Stormtroopers. They setup/lead squads, organize tryouts and handle the promotion of Cadets to Stormtroopers, mentor Stormtroopers, and help setup events and tournaments. If no other officer is there to lead practices or matches, the senior most Stormtrooper is in charge.


Stormtroopers are the backbone of the DSA army. You must be a Cadet and pass a tryout to earn this rank. This is the next step up from a Cadet and it typically has a 1-2 month waiting period. This rank means you have already proved that you read the forums on a regular basis and provide useful feedback, participate and help in practices and organized events, and have a clear understanding of what it means to be DSA. This rank can also setup new Squads.


Brand new to DSA and interested in trying out. You are not official DSA members, but are working towards your tryout. You are required to attend practices and post useful information in your Squads’s forum. If you miss practice on a regular basis or aren’t posting/reading the forums, you will be dropped from the Squad, or even from the Cadet rank itself. You must make a several practices before you are considered a full-fledged cadet. Do not constantly ask when you will get your Stormtrooper tryout. The leadership will inform you of it when they feel you are ready. .

Honorary DSA

These are members of the clan that served us and have retired from active duty, or friends/allies that have the trust of the DSA. While they have no authority over any of the ranks, they should be shown the respect they deserve.

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